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High Ticket Info Product - Joel H

By: Joel Holmes
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Monthly Free Cash Flow vs. Time


Revenue, Earnings, Cash, Tax vs. Time

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Customers vs. Time

Total amount of customers through time.


New Renewal Customers vs. Time


Share Price vs. Time - starting day 365

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Starting State
cash_in_bank $0.00
assets $0.00
liabilities $0.00
customer_count 0
realization_rate 93.0 %
price_of_offer $5,000.00
cost_to_fulfill 10.0 %
time_to_collect 1 Days
refund_period 30 Days
refund_rate 2.0 %
initial contract length/time to renew 365 Days
churn_rate 100.0 %
Sales and Martketing
cost_to_sell 15.0 %
time_to_sell 14 Days
average_deals_per_sales_rep_per_month 5.0
customer_acquisition_rate_per_month 5
cost_to_market 7.5 %
time_to_market 2 Days
granular false
transaction_fee 2.9 %
fixed_costs_per_month $3,000.00
fixed_cost_increase_per_hundred_customers per month $0.00
upfront_investment_costs $0.00
debt $0.00
interest_rate 0.0 %
Viral Component
viral_component false
tax_rate 22.0 %
inflation_rate 2.0 %
time_max 2500 Days
number_of_shares 1,000,000 Shares
DCF Method
projection_period_dcf 1825 Days
discount_rate 9.0 %
growth_rate 2.0 %
EBITDA Multiple Method
enterprise_multiple_ebitda 14.0
projection_period_ebitda 1825 Days
P/E Method
pe_multiple 22.0
projection_period_pe 1825 Days
Revenue Multiple Method
ev_revenue_multiple 7.0
projection_period_ev_revenue 1825 Days
Product and Acquisition

The average amount of money you actually collect from the client (after transaction fees).

@cost_to_fulfill_dollars $451.52
@cost_to_market_dollars $338.64
@cost_to_sell_dollars $677.27
@customer_acquisition_cost $1,015.91
@lifetime_value $4,650.00
Business Modelling
@customer_acquisition_cost $1,015.91
@contribution_after_marketing $3,047.73
@contribution_margin_before_marketing 90.0 %
@contribution_margin_after_marketing 67.5 %
@profit_per_customer_per_day $179.28
@customer_acquisition_rate_per_day rounded 0.16 Customers
@customer_acquisition_rate_per_month rounded 5.0 Customers
@fixed_costs_per_day $98.65
@fixed_costs_per_month (input)

The average monthly fixed costs for the business. This includes rent, computers, founder salaries, engineer salaries, etc.

@fixed_cost_increase_per_hundred_customers_per_day $0.00
@cost_of_debt_daily $0.00
@cost_of_debt_monthly $0.00
@projection_period_dcf (input)

The time period in which the cash flows are summed and discounted in the DCF model.

1,825 Days
@fct_projection_period $319.85
@int_fct_projection_period $116,744.34
@terminal_value $1,539,251.93
@int_pv_fcf_projection_period $552,180.99
@DCF_enterprise_value $2,091,432.92

The Market cap of the company, derived using Discounted Cash Flow valuation method. Market cap is defined as Enterprise Value+cash-debt.

@number_of_shares (input)

The number of shares of the business issued as defined in the shareholder agreement.


Price of a share, derived from DCF Market cap.

@ebitda_multiple_market_cap $1,890,801.40
@ebitda_multiple_market_cap_fcf $2,503,095.43
@pe_multiple_market_cap $3,686,085.84
@ev_revenue_multiple_market_cap $1,172,845.50

The minimum point on the Cash graph. In reality this is additional amount of money needed to raise, for company not to go bankrupt. This is observed only on the projection period.


Month in which the first day with a positive Free Cash Flow exists. If First positive FCF day is day 40, then t profitability day is 2 months.

4 Days

Month in which the first day with a positive Free Cash Flow exists. If First positive FCF day is day 40, then t profitability day is 2 months.

1 Month
@positive_total_cash_day 7 Days
@positive_total_cash_month 1 Month
@cash below $0 day

The day at which the cash function intersects with x axis - the first point in time in days, where cash equals $0,

Day 1
@additional_debt -$119.12